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Learn how to view live 360-degree camera video on a Mac.

picam360 with mac

Hello, my name is GAKU from the Picam360 developer community.

In previous posts, I wrote how to live stream Picam360’s fisheye video as VR video using Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi. In those posts, I used a smartphone app to watch the live video, but Picam360’s Viewer app is available for various platforms. In this article, I will try to view the live video on my Mac.

[Past article] Watching with a smartphone app:

Live Streaming of Fisheye Camera Footage in VR with Jetson Nano

Items used in this article

Camera: PICAM360-4KHDR (8MP, WDR model can also be used)
Server Device: Jetson Nano (Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, and Linux are also supported)
Viewer App: PViewer for Mac (Besides Mac, there are apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Oculus, and Web Browser)

Server Device Setup Instructions :

Please refer to the following article I posted earlier for the setup procedure of the Jetson Nano. For Raspi here.

Start Picam360 with Jetson Nano – 1: Items for Getting Started, and Notes

How to install a viewer app on your Mac:

The procedure to install the viewer application on your Mac is in the [Install Viewer Application] section of the following page.

Start Picam360 with Jetson Nano – 5: Install the Viewer App

Connect and Watch:

The following article shows how to run the Jetson Nano server software and connect to it from a Mac viewer.

Start Picam360 with Jetson Nano – 6: Connect

This is a duplicate of the above article, but it shows the flow of starting the viewer on a Mac. Make sure you have the Jetson Nano server software running as described in the above article.

On Mac:

Open a terminal window.


Execute the command to start the viewer application. After -w, enter the connection key you have chosen. If you use the -w option, the screen will automatically open with the key entered in the key entry field of the connection setting screen at startup, making connection easier.

$ pviewer -w YOUR_KEY

Screenshot after startup:

pviewer connect screen

Press Connect to start live streaming.


Watching live streaming on a Mac:

I filmed myself watching the live streaming by filming the screen of my Mac (I’m filming the screen with my phone, the reason being that my mac is old and using the viewer and the screen recording of the mac at the same time degrades the performance of the viewer a bit).

The viewing direction can be controlled by dragging the mouse. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

That’s it for this post. See you soon.

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