2019-04-22 2019-05-26

A new Picam360-SurfaceWalker running experiment has been performed in the pool.

New design features:
– Omnidirectional body
– Compact size that you can carry alone
– Equipped with 4 screws so it can run even if some screws do not move
– The core part that stores the controller etc. is made waterproof by 3D printed parts (as it is open source hardware, design and manufacturing method will be disclosed

We challenged the seemingly irreplaceable task of achieving a waterproof mechanism with 3D printed parts.

It is not visible in 3D printed parts of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), but there are many cracks.

Also, the modules need to be connected by cables. In other words, the housing needs holes.

Besides that, there were many challenges to achieving waterproofness.

In addition, we pursued a new design that anyone can manufacture.

The experiments in the pool are good, next we will test in the lake.

Once there are no problems in the real environment and the product can be released, we will disclose the knowledge we have acquired until it is realized.