2022-11-24 2022-11-24

The multi-stream function is a feature that allows multiple people to view the same camera image at the same time.

In this issue, we introduce the newly added multi-stream function.

When viewing Picam360 camera video in real time, until now there was essentially only one viewer that could be connected to the camera at the same time. The multi-stream function allows multiple viewers to connect to and view the camera at the same time. The image is not fixed to anyone’s viewing direction, but can be viewed in any direction desired by each viewer.

The more connections are used to generate video for each viewer, the more computation is required. Therefore, the upper limit of the number of connections is determined by the device’s processing performance. The devices identified at this time are JetsonXavierNX + Picam360HQ camera (stereo) with a maximum of two simultaneous connections.


Open the configuration file.

$ sudo nano /path/to/your/config/file
e.g.) sudo nano /etc/pserver/config.json

Add “n_clients_limit” : 3 under “wrtc_key”. Be careful not to forget the comma at the end of the line. 3 is the maximum number of viewers allowed to connect at the same time. The reason for 3 instead of 2 is that we assume a maximum of 2 units for viewers with video + audio, and 1 unit for the distributor with audio-only connection. We will introduce voice-only connections in another article.

    "meeting_enabled" : false,
    "wrtc_enabled" : false,
    "wrtc_key" : "unique_key",
    "n_clients_limit" : 3,
    "stream_def" : "default",

Ctrl+o, Ctrl+x to save and close. This completes the setup.

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