2023-01-17 2023-01-23

Starlink+Amimon CONNEX: A network concept for remote control with real-time 360-degree video anywhere on earth.


1. Starlink

Mobile networks cannot reach places at sea or in the mountains. On the other hand, there is a demand for drones, heavy machinery, and other remotely operated objects to operate in such places. Starlink has provided us with a network that can connect to (almost) anywhere in the world. Thank you Starlink.

2. Amimon CONNEX

When using Picam360 remotely, the connection between the remote device and the network router has been WIFI. This was the last mile barrier, as there was no other option but to use WIFI.

The term “last mile” was originally used in the telecommunications industry to refer to “the last section of a telecommunications line connecting the nearest base station to the user. Today, the term is used to describe “the last section (barrier) to deliver service to the user.

The Amimon Connex is a well-known device for those who are familiar with drones: it transmits HDMI video wirelessly at high speed. Amimon’s data transmission specifications are too small for the usual 360-degree video format (equirectangular). However, Picam360’s video compression technology is compatible with Amimon’s data transmission specifications, and we realized that it would be possible to transmit high quality 360-degree video using Amimon.

So, it’s still a concept, but we have tried Starlink and have confirmed that Picam360 can connect, and we are hoping that Amimon Connex will be the last mile solution, and we are implementing it now. If we get good results with Amimon Connex, we believe it will be a one-of-a-kind system that can deliver high quality 360-degree video anywhere in real time.


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