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Picam360’s high quality cameras are characterized by high resolution and image quality. They also have very low latency, which is important for live streaming, and can stream at high speeds.
This time, we measured the Glass-to-Glass (*1) delay time.
(*) From the time light is input to the camera to the time it is displayed on the display via the network.

Features of the High Quality Camera Series

  • High resolution: up to 14K in full-dome equivalent
  • High sensitivity
  • Low latency





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Measurement conditions

  • Camera: FT45MP, monocular (not stereo)
  • FPS: 30 FPS at 7K full-dome equivalent
  • Software: Standard Picam360 streaming software
  • Streaming settings: 1024×1024 pixels at 500 kbps with full HD quality in the center of the field of view
  • Network: Local WIFI
  • Display: PC monitor

Measuring Method
Display a stopwatch on a PC monitor and take a picture. Display the Picam360 viewer screen on the same PC monitor and check the time difference; there will be a plus or minus error due to the frequency of PC monitor updates, so this will also be taken into account. The PC monitor used has an error of 16.666 ms.

It was 94 ms! below 100 ms.

For the PC monitor refresh rate mentioned earlier, a smaller delay value (around 80 ms) existed, but after taking into account the error in the refresh frequency, the reliable value was 95 ms.
With VR streaming in full HD quality (as the quality the user sees, not the image size), this latency time is We can say that it is extremely fast (probably not found anywhere else).

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