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This is the fifth in a series of articles on how to connect a Picam360 camera to a JetsonNano and stream 360 degree video in real time.

Hello, my name is GAKU from the Picam360 development community.

In my previous post, I explained the steps for camera calibration. With the steps so far, your camera is ready to go. In this post, I will show you the steps to install a viewer to watch the videos.

Cross-platform support

The server software and viewer application are cross-platform and can be used on a variety of operating systems.

Device Side Software Supported OS

Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Viewer App

Desktop:Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile:iOS App, Android App
VR:Oculus App(in preparation)
and, Browser App.

It can be used even if the OS on the device side and the OS on the viewer side are different.

Install the Viewer App

Here is the installation procedure for each OS.


VR Viewer on Mac

Windows, Linux

Install the following two software beforehand. These are common software and installation instructions can be found easily on the web, so I will not explain the procedure. Please search the web for them and install them.

  • The latest stable version of node.js
  • cmake

Once the above items are installed, open a terminal (command prompt).

Windows only: Install npx.

$ npm install -g npx

Let’s start with the steps to install node-pviewer.

First, check the distribution version of node-pviewer.

$ npm view node-pviewer versions --json

Specify the latest version to install. If you do not specify a version, the latest version will be automatically selected.

[Tips] The verified environment lists the version of the packages in which the Picam360 software is known to work. It is recommended that you use that version.

$ npm install -g node-pviewer@0.0.23 # How to specify the version

# or

$ npm install -g node-pviewer # Do not specify a version (latest version)

Note: Uninstall

$ npm uninstall -g node-pviewer

Check if it starts normally. Execute the following command, and if the screen is displayed, it is OK.

$ pviewer


pviewer top screen

To quit PViewer, press Ctrl+c in the terminal.


Install the PViewer app on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to the link below or search for “PViewer” in the App Store and install it.


pviewer appstore ios


Install the PViewer app on your Android phone.

Go to the link below or search for “PViewer” in the Google Play Store and install it.


pviewer appstore android

Oculus Quest

In preparation.

Browser App

If you have a browser installed, you don’t need to install anything else. The tested browser is Google Chrome. Other browsers have not been tested.



This completes the preparation of the viewer application. Continue next.

Series: Start Picam360 with Jetson Nano

  1. Items for Getting Started, and Notes
  2. Write Image to the microSD Card
  3. Install the Server Software
  4. Camera Calibration
  5. Install the Viewer App
  6. Connect

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