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Comota Co., Ltd exhibited at the RESCUE EXPO in Tachikawa, Tokyo in August 2022, and used Picam360’s real-time stereo VR system to remotely explain its products from a remote location.

This is GAKU from the Picam360 developer community. In this article, I would like to introduce one example of Picam360 application.

Comota Co., Ltd ‘s booth at the RESCUE EXPO in Tachikawa, Tokyo in August 2022, used Picam360’s real-time stereo VR system for remote exhibition from a remote location.

The video shows the exhibition booth.

Comota Co., Ltd

In depopulated areas, the number of gas stations has been decreasing, and infrastructure for fueling vehicles and farm equipment and delivering kerosene has become a challenge. Comota Co., Ltd, Japan’s leading manufacturer of POS systems for gas stations, has developed container-type fuel stations as one solution to this problem. The container-type fuel station is a single package of facilities necessary for a fuel station and is sized according to marine container standards. This means that it is compact and relocatable, and can be moved to different locations depending on demand in depopulated areas. There is also a possibility that the system could be installed and utilized at the site of a disaster.
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At the “RESCUE EXPO in Tachikawa,” the container-type fuel station was exhibited, and since it was not large enough to fit in the booth, the installation site, which was about 30 km away from the exhibition hall, was connected via real-time stereo VR. There will be an explanation staff at the installation site, and visitors will receive an explanation through the real-time 3D video. The VR attracted visitors’ attention and helped them better understand the products through 3D video that were higher quality and more immersive than a typical video call.

Equipment used in this event

Camera: PICAM360-FT45MP

View Angle: Horizontal:190° Vertical:150°
Resolution: 45 mega pixels
Full-dome equivalent 14K@8FPS
Full-dome equivalent 7K@30FPS

Compute Device: Jetson Xavier NX
VR Head Set: Oculus Quest2
Latency (measured value): 120ms
Streaming bit rate: 4Mbps
Network: Mobile Wi-Fi

The above “Latency” is the actual measured time until the video is displayed on Oculus Quest2 at the exhibition site, which is 30Km away from the remote site. Realizes high image quality, yet low latency and lightweight real-time delivery.

For more information about PICAM360-FT45MP, please click here.

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